New era for cancer therap

BNCT Taiwan Inc. is a company founded in June 2014, working to transform BNCT into a widely available first-line cancer therapy. Company signed an agreement with Japan CSI Inc. for transferring the neutron source technology to Taiwan. Japan CSI Inc. is developing an in-hospital neutron source equipment for replacing nuclear reactor. This equipment is made with the most advanced material which endures high-frequency switching. With this technology, the equipment generates high-throughput of thermal neutron and shorten the treatment time to 20 minutes. This greatly increases the number of treatments per year and greatly reduces the equipment size so that we can package the equipment with all of the necessary components for BNCT into an existing hospital unit. The expanse for acquiring precious hospital space and the building construction fee and the construction time is therefore reduced by 3 folds.

In order to accommodate Taiwanese laws for importing pre-FDA cleared equipments, company will ship the equipment by parts and re-install into a system in Taiwan by 2018. CSI Inc. will train BNCT Taiwan on machine operation and maintenance. In the meantime company will conduct the necessary clinical trials to make BNCT available to more patients. Dr. Yen and Dr. Liu have conducted the most compelling clinical tests in the field to date. Both have the experience to leverage all the exciting BNCT progress made by nuclear reactor over the past 10 years. Both have a large database of BNCT doses to use for matching new equipment to perform as a reactor. For radiation substance handling and safety, radiation protection operations, company cooperates  with a Technical Team of University in Taiwan. Together our company is confident of completing the medical

certification by 2019. Before the certification, company will carry out clinical treatments on the humanitarian aid base. Company will accept patients from all over the world to expand the randomized tests for completing the certification. Company will cooperate with the domestic hospital to run operation as a BOT project, as by the hospital to provide medical staff and space, company to provide equipment, facility and machine operation with maintenance. Together we carry out the cancer treatment center operations. Company foresees our BNCT project as a long term project. To increase our visibility to public, company currently conducts Chronic Illness Monitoring services in Taiwan for cancer and kidney diseases as seen in the next pages.

  本公司取得 日本醫療用中子源技術,將設備以零件方式進口台灣,於2018年之前在台灣完成組裝,並由日本協助完成本公司操作及維修人員的訓練。本設備使用最先進的高頻材料技術,產出高品質高通量的熱中子流,可以將治療時間縮短為20分鐘,因此大幅增加治療的人數,尤其是設備體積縮小,可放置在醫院既有空間之內,構築輻射防護裝置後即可以營運,節省了建築工程與昂貴的土地費用,是現今最適合安裝在醫院中使用的中子源,非常方便進行BNCT療程以及BNCT藥物開發。

本公司董事自2013年起,使用反應爐中子進行BNCT 治療已經有五年的歷史,擁有BNCT 劑量及調能器的大量資料庫,可以用來進行新設備與反應爐中子性能匹配,完成匹配後可以快速完成醫療認證。對於受管制物質處理與安全管理、輻射防護作業方面,將由清大反應爐技術團隊協助完成,足以提供治療計畫、醫護人員訓練以及輻射防護方面的所有技術,計畫在2020年以前完成臨床規範及臨床測試。

醫療認證完成之前,我公司將以人道救援方式進行臨床實驗,接受全球的病患,以進行擴大隨機實驗完成認證,之後本公司將與國內醫院合作,由醫院提供醫護人員及場所,我公司提供設備及操作維修人員,共同以BOT 方式進行癌症治療中心的營運。