We develop superior hand-held detection equipments pairable to your Android and Apple phones. We devote to the vertical integration of hardware and apps.

We believe FULLY MEET YOUR NEEDS is the key to open a solid relationship between us. Our hardware has designed-in with excellent software control, so as to give full play to the detection function. Our goal is to shorten the development time for innovative instruments, through integrating them with mobile phones. You can possess them by  shortest time, lower cost and best value.

我們銷售優越的手持偵測儀器,並透過 Android 或是 ios app 與手機整合使用。我們相信充分滿足使用者的需求,是創造堅固買賣關係的後盾。太自然科技有限公司致力於硬體與軟體垂直整合,在硬體的設計階段即掌控軟體的優異配合,力求充分發揮偵測功能。我們的目標是不斷開發更多更好的創新科技儀器,讓每個客戶都能在最短的時間內,透過手機隨身應用最物超所值的專屬科技產品。 

服務內容: 偵測儀器與手機應用相關產品 

服務配送方式:郵寄, 宅配, 超商取貨